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Compost Site - Sept 19 2017

The compost site is no longer open on Sundays due to staffing. The compost site will remain open on Wednesdays from 2pm-7pm or dusk and also on Saturdays from 9am-4pm, weather permitting, through Saturday, November 18, 2017. If you are interested in being a Compost Monitor for Sundays, please contact us at 651-257-0620.


Americas Best Communities

The Chisago Lakes Area is advancing in the competition. What started out with 450 cities is now down to the final 15. The Chisago Lakes group will be traveling to Durham, North Carolina, in April to make a presentation. The presentation includes all of the ideas and projects that have come to the forefront during the whole process -- exciting things like a new Water Trail, business development ideas, marketing -- new logo, website, etc., and lots more. After the presentation, the top 8 will be chosen to continue -- each receiving $100,000 to start implementing their plans. After a year, the top three will be awarded $3,000,000 -- $2,000,000 -- or $1,000,000 for their projects. Exciting things are happening!! Stay tuned...


2016 Street Maintenance Projects

The City Council has identified street maintenance projects for 2016: Micropaving of Newell from Olinda to the beach, Elm from Newell to Highway 8, Oak from Newell to Highway 8, Maple from Newell to Highway 8, Park from Newell to Highway 8, Linden from Newell to Highway 8, Vine from Newell to Bronson, and Bronson from Linden to Vine. The curb on Bronson at Newell will be extended to accommodate diagonal parking. Fogging will take place on the Park Street parking lot between Highway 8 east and west bound, Maple between Highway 8 east and west bound, North 1st Avenue from Linden west to the apartments, and St. Croix Avenue from the Dairy Queen to Broadway.



The City Planning Commission is working to update the Comprehensive Plan. Updating the Comp Plan is a process by which communities take stock of where they are and develop a framework to get to where they want to go. More specifically, a Comp Plan includes information on cultural, demographic, economic, environmental, historic, physical and social elements of a community, the community's vision, and the collection of goals, policies and strategies that will be used to realize that vision. The current Comp Plan for the City of Lindstrom was completed in 2005 (go to www.cityoflindstrom.us/pdf-files/CompPlan.pdf). City leaders are interested in what the citizens, property owners, business owners in Lindstrom would like to see included in the vision for the future of the City. If you have any input, please e-mail City Administrator John Olinger at jolinger@cityoflindstrom.us.



Are you interested in being a Volunteer for City committees, events, happenings? Be sure to check out our Volunteer Welcome Message, Volunteer Interest Form, and Volunteer Application Form - go to website top menu "Departments / Parks / Volunteer Program" for details and information.


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